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New membership fees:

Membership dues are calculated January to December. If you are looking to join during any other month, please call (765) 453-2800 for the cost of a membership. Please check our home web page for club hours. You may also contact us via our contact page.

Thanks, Howard County Izaak Walton League.

Important! Please become familiar with the Range Rules before visiting any of the Ike's ranges.

1. Adhere to the 3 basic rules of safety: Keep gun pointed in a safe direction at all times, keep finger off the trigger until ready to shoot, and keep gun unloaded until ready to use.

2. Everyone, including guests who are not shooting, must have eye and ear protection in place while at the range area and the range is active.

3. The red lights affixed to posts at the firing line mean “cease fire,” and the range is “cold” when they are ON. When the red lights are OFF, it means the range is “hot” or active, as in commence fire when ready. Before activating the lights, make sure shooters are informed of impending cease fire. Upon activation, shooters unload firearms, bench them, and insert an open chamber indicator flag in the firearm chamber. Once this process is complete, only then may shooters go downrange to affix or remove targets or address a situation downrange of the firing line. BEFORE turning the lights OFF and making the range “hot,” assure that everyone is behind the firing line and eye and ear protection is in place.

4. Use only approved targets. Targets must be placed within boundaries of target frames; metallic swing targets are placed below and in front of target backboards. All must be placed such that bullets fired will impact the berm behind the target backboards. Do not place targets over or on support posts. Clear targets from range when finished.
Approved targets: paper, balloons affixed to backboard. Clays in a frame or on ground, never actively thrown. Metallic silhouette for .22 cal rimfire.
Not approved targets: bottles, jugs filled or empty, vegetables or fruit, cartridge cases empty or loaded, explosive targets (eg. tannerite), animals, and any target that will potentially ricochet bullets in an unsafe manner (eg. rocks, concrete, flat stationary metal).

5. All shooting at firing line requires that the gun’s muzzle be no more than 1 foot behind the firing line, and muzzle cannot swing more than 45 degrees side-to-side from a line perpendicular to the target downrange, while assuring that all rounds fired will impact the berm behind the target board at which the shooter is firing.

6. Chronograph use: these must be placed a MINIMUM of 10 FEET downrange of the firing line, and set so that all bullets fired through them safely impact the range berm.

7. Use only one shooting table at a time and not more than 3 targets on any board.

8. Ammunition or practices that are NOT allowed: no rapid fire, no fully automatic firearms use, no 50 BMG ammo, no tracer rounds, no explosive targets; no magazine dumps or bump firing allowed. Do not fire shotguns at the 10 yard line target backboard, as this destroys it.

9. No use of alcohol or drugs that affect judgment or coordination immediately prior to or while at the range.

10. Members are responsible for their actions and those of their guests at all times while on the range. Please report range violations to HCIWLA Board members or representatives at the facility. Disciplinary action for violations follows a 3-step process: 1st offense results in documented written warning, 2nd results in 2-month gate card suspension, 3rd results in loss of membership. Shooters notified as being in violation may attend the next Board meeting to petition for reinstatement of privileges.

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